I’m a Hooker From Las Vegas

Hi, I’m Nevan Hooker. Yes, I got teased growing up because of my last name.

In a nutshell, in 2010 I was fat, broke, and stupid. I had $80,000+ in debt, got fired, and lost my girlfriend. I was down…really down…at that exact moment I stumbled on an episode of the Dave Ramsey show. I started my own company and 8 years later it got acquired in a multi-million dollar deal with a media company on the NASDAQ.

I’ve had 25 jobs, moved 19 times, and dedicated my life to learning how the world really works.

Today, my passion is writing news commentary and analysis to help people think smart about the world.

CEOs don’t get paid to work. They get paid to think. Working is easy. Thinking is hard. When I realized this, I moved to an island in Florida for an entire year…so I could be alone to think away from all the distractions of life.

I have nothing to sell you. I don’t need your money. I just want you to think.

My Long List of Jobs

I was born in Lafayette, Indiana in 1979.

Imagine a chubby George Clooney who plays golf and knows a few card tricks. That’s me holding the dove in my professional magician phase.

My goal in life is to have as many learning experiences as possible. Here’s a list of jobs I’ve had that have helped me acquire wisdom throughout my lifetime:

  • Cupcake and Baseball Card Salesman (Elementary school)
  • Cashier and French Fry Specialist (McDonald’s)
  • Woodworker (making and selling bird feeders)
  • Truck Unloader (Lowe’s)
  • Gardener (Milligan College, quit after two days)
  • Mailroom Clerk (Milligan College)
  • Professional Magician (house magician at Texas Roadhouse)
  • Student Government President (Milligan College)
  • Cruise Staff (Norwegian Cruise Lines)
  • Transportation Coordinator (Regent University)
  • Student Film Producer (Regent University)
  • Associate News Producer (WLKY-CBS News)
  • Video/Media Producer (Southeast Christian Church)
  • Professional Taste Tester (KFC)
  • Selling Junk (eBay)
  • Small Group Ministry/Ordained Ministry Position (Southeast Christian Church)
  • Freelance Videographer and DVD Producer
  • Software Developer (Countdown Creator, Applause Meter)
  • Event Promoter (Tim Hawkins, Louisville Success, Scribble Sessions)
  • Book Publisher (Collaborate, Transition Plan)
  • Professor (Louisville Bible College)
  • Creative Consultant (Bob Russell Ministries, Kyle Idleman, Covenant Group, Kidzmatter, Southeast Leadership Conference, Oasis, Verve, DiveGurus)
  • President (started and sold a multi-million dollar company)
  • Full-time Investor (Charles Schwab and Edward Jones)
  • News Commentary and Analysis Writer
  • Movie Producer (this hasn’t happened yet)

Timeline of Memorable Events from My Life:

1983 – Playing in the mud and running away from home (my first memory)

1984 – Stealing candy from the gas station…then later feeling so bad about it I returned to pay for it

1985 – Watching MacGyver on TV

1986 – Watching the annual Perseid meteor showers for the first time

1987 – Seeing David Copperfield on TV

1988 – Seeing Hulk Hogan wrestle in Champaign, Illinois

1989 – Seeing a Publisher’s Clearing House envelope for my dad in the mail and actually thinking we had just become millionaires

1989 – Watching the first episode of Life Goes On on TV

1990 – Going to Disney World

1990 – Cincinnati Reds winning the World Series

1991 – Getting baptized

1991 – Playing with fireworks and setting my house on fire

1994 – Seeing Franklin Graham speak at the Hoosier Dome

1995 – Staying home from school to watch the O.J. Simpson verdict

1995 – Getting my first job at McDonald’s

1996 – Quitting my job at McDonald’s

1997 – Attending Hoosier Boys State and being elected Senator

1997 – Attending the Promise Keeper’s Million Man March in Washington, D.C.

1998 – Unloading trucks at Lowe’s for 3 months after graduating high school

1999 – Throwing a water balloon at a truck and causing $600 in damage

1999 – Watching The Matrix and The Sixth Sense

2000 – Surviving Y2K 

2000 – Running for Student Government President at Milligan College and winning

2001 – Seeing U2 on the Elevation tour

2001 – Working onboard the Norwegian Sky in Alaska

2002 – Making my first student film and going to film school

2003 – Spending 3 days with Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid)

2004 – Getting a job producing TV News in Louisville, Kentucky

2005 – Crying on the bathroom floor in a little apartment in Louisville, because I was completely broke and over $80,000 in debt

2007 – Walking on the Grand Canyon Skywalk

2008 – Losing $3,000 tinkering with the stock market (thanks Jim Cramer)

2008 – Starting a company making videos and producing DVDs

2009 – Taking an Israel tour

2010 – Getting fired (technically resigned) – being told I wasn’t good at putting meat on the table by my boss

2011 – Made $134,000 in 6 days

2011 – Writing a check for $72,000 to pay off my student loans

2012 – Almost going out of business because I was young and dumb

2013 – Moving to Longboat Key, Florida to think for a year

2013 – Watching the movie Into the Wild for the first time

2014 – Living in an RV for a year

2015 – Driving from Florida to Sedona, Arizona on a whim

2015 – Predicted Donald Trump would become President and the Cubs would win the world series

2016 – Almost getting arrested in Texas

2016 – CUBS won the world series!

2016 – Donald Trump became President!

2017 – Seeing U2 at the Rose Bowl

2017 – Going through Xanax withdrawal for 6 weeks (pure hell)

2018 – Seeing Jordan Peterson give a lecture in Phoenix

2018 – Eating at Cheesecake Factory the night my company got acquired by a media company on the Nasdaq in a multi-million dollar deal

2018 – Attending my 20 year High School reunion in North Vernon, Indiana

2019 – Almost dying in the Philippines (for real)

2019 – Scuba diving with a whale shark in Boracay

2019 – Going on a Dan Mick Jeep tour of the Moab Rim in Utah

2020 – Touching the Foundation Stone in Jerusalem

2020 – Surviving Coronavirus

Email Me

I love meeting new people, so please email me at hello@nevan.com and say hello, introduce yourself, where you’re from, and what your favorite movie is. I reply to all.

I value each and every person I meet. I enjoy meeting people for the simple reason of appreciating who they are and how I can help them. Helping others is the secret to a great life and the reason I’m alive today. Say hello!