My website has no ads, no annoying pop-ups, and I have nothing to sell you.

I only have one goal: to share ideas and resources to help you have a better life.

I started my own company in 2008 and 10 years later sold it in a multi-million dollar with with a media company on the NASDAQ and retired at the age of 39.

My name is Nevan Hooker. So it’s a true statement that I’m a Hooker from Las Vegas.

My Long List of Jobs

I was born in Lafayette, Indiana in 1979.

That’s me and my dove during my professional magician phase.

Here’s a list of jobs I’ve had that have helped me acquire wisdom throughout my lifetime:

  • Cupcake and Baseball Card Salesman (Elementary school)
  • Cashier and French Fry Specialist (McDonald’s)
  • Woodworker (making and selling bird feeders)
  • Truck Unloader (Lowe’s)
  • Gardener (Milligan College, quit after two days)
  • Mailroom Clerk (Milligan College)
  • Professional Magician (house magician at Texas Roadhouse)
  • Student Government President (Milligan College)
  • Cruise Staff (Norwegian Cruise Lines)
  • Transportation Coordinator (Regent University)
  • Student Film Producer (Regent University)
  • Associate News Producer (WLKY-CBS News)
  • Video/Media Producer (Southeast Christian Church)
  • Professional Taste Tester (KFC)
  • Selling Junk (eBay)
  • Small Group Ministry/Ordained Ministry Position (Southeast Christian Church)
  • Freelance Videographer and DVD Producer
  • Software Developer (Countdown Creator, Applause Meter)
  • Event Promoter (Tim Hawkins, Louisville Success, Scribble Sessions)
  • Book Publisher (Collaborate, Transition Plan)
  • College Professor (Louisville Bible College)
  • Creative Consultant (Bob Russell Ministries, Kyle Idleman, Covenant Group, Kidzmatter, Southeast Leadership Conference, Oasis, Verve, DiveGurus)
  • President (started and sold a multi-million dollar company)
  • Full-time Investor (Charles Schwab and Edward Jones)
  • Writer
  • Movie Producer (this hasn’t happened yet)

Timeline of Memorable Events from My Life:

1983 – Playing in the mud and running away from home (my first memory)

1984 – Stealing candy from the gas station…then later feeling so bad about it that I returned to pay for it

1985 – Watching MacGyver on TV

1986 – Watching the annual Perseid meteor showers for the first time

1987 – Seeing David Copperfield on TV

1988 – Seeing Hulk Hogan wrestle in Champaign, Illinois

1989 – Seeing a Publisher’s Clearing House envelope for my dad in the mail and actually thinking we had just become millionaires

1989 – Watching Life Goes On on TV

1990 – Going to Disney World

1990 – Cincinnati Reds winning the World Series

1991 – Getting baptized

1991 – Playing with fireworks and setting my house on fire

1994 – Seeing Franklin Graham speak at the Hoosier Dome

1995 – Staying home from school to watch the O.J. Simpson verdict

1995 – Getting my first job at McDonald’s

1997 – Getting selected to attend Hoosier Boys State and being elected Senator

1997 – Attending the Promise Keeper’s Million Man March in Washington, D.C.

1998 – Unloading trucks at a Lowe’s Distribution Center for 3 months after graduating high school

1999 – Throwing a water balloon at a truck and causing $600 in damage

2000 – Surviving Y2K 

2000 – Running for Student Government President at Milligan College and winning…I served for 2 years

2001 – Seeing U2 for the first time

2001 – Working onboard the Norwegian Sky in Alaska

2002 – Making my first student film and going to film school

2003 – Spending 3 days with Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid)

2004 – Getting a job producing TV News in Louisville, Kentucky

2005 – Crying on the bathroom floor in a little apartment in Louisville, because I was completely broke and over $80,000+ in debt

2007 – Walking on the Grand Canyon Skywalk

2008 – Losing $3,000 tinkering with the stock market

2008 – Starting a company making videos and selling DVDs

2009 – Going to Israel for the first time

2010 – Getting fired (technically resigned) – being told I wasn’t good at putting meat on the table by my boss

2011 – Made $134,000 in 6 days

2011 – Writing a check for $72,000 to pay off my student loans

2013 – Moving to Longboat Key, Florida

2013 – Watching the movie Into the Wild for the first time

2014 – Living in an RV for a year

2015 – Driving from Florida to Sedona, Arizona

2015 – Predicted Donald Trump would become President and the Cubs would win the world series

2016 – Almost getting arrested in Texas

2016 – CUBS won the world series and Donald Trump became President!

2017 – Seeing U2 at the Rose Bowl

2017 – Going through Xanax withdrawal for 6 weeks (pure hell)

2018 – Seeing Jordan Peterson give a lecture in Phoenix

2018 – Eating at Cheesecake Factory the night my company got acquired by a media company on the Nasdaq in a multi-million dollar deal

2018 – Attending my 20 year High School reunion in North Vernon, Indiana

2019 – Almost dying in the Philippines (for real)

2019 – Scuba diving with a whale shark in Boracay

2019 – Going on a Dan Mick Jeep tour of the Moab Rim in Utah

2020 – Touching the Foundation Stone in Jerusalem

2020 – Surviving Coronavirus

Scuba diving in The Philippines